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PSTN/POTS Sunset Threatens Millions of Medical Devices!

Making the complex simple again

Providing better health care for patients doesn't need to be as complex and costly as it is today.  Connected Healthcare Solutions can help your organization implement and improve Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) technology to accomplish what it was designed to do - improve patient outcomes without increasing workload.  Our alliances with the industry's leading telehealth manufacturers, combined with our experience of nearly 1,000 deployments worldwide, provides your organization the expertise needed to streamline your telehealth program.

Connected Healthcare Solutions' clients are both manufacturers and users of RPM technology, giving us the unique opportunity to help design products and features that add benefits, not complexity.  These relationships also ensure our clients learn the best ways to improve their programs regardless of which technology provider they use.  Whether you're selecting technology for the first time or improving an existing program, Connected Healthcare Solutions provides the expertise required to make the right decisions the first time.

Selection - There is no one size fits all technology provider.  The needs of healthcare organizations are unique, and selecting the right technology provider is essential.  Our strategic relationships with the industry's top providers, ensures the proper solution without the sales headaches.

Implementation & Improvement - From initial implementation to improving utilization of an existing program, Connected Healthcare Solutions has the expertise needed to maximize your technology investment.

Design - Our unmatched experience enables us to help manufacturers design better features on new and existing products.  Using real user feedback, Connected Healthcare designs take the guess work out of product development.

Education and Training - Connected Healthcare Solutions helps healthcare organizations learn about RPM technologies and offers customizable training modules for employees.  Reducing the learning curve and ensuring consistent training methodologies are used helps ensure the best service to your patients. 
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