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Connected Healthcare Solutions

Connected Healthcare Solutions is an organization of dedicated professionals specializing in the delivery of training and product solutions for remote patient monitoring technology.  Together with our clients, we design and implement long-term success strategies to achieve the best patient care effectively utilizing healthcare technology. 

We develop, incorporate, execute and sustain proven methods of successful technology utilization within your organization.  Achieving this goal through trusted partnerships and experience, patients are receiving improved quality of life and outcomes.

Connected Healthcare Team and History

The Connected Healthcare Solutions team is comprised of experienced industry professionals who share the passion of providing better healthcare to people around the world.  Our team members share over 50 years of combined experience in remote monitoring technology, implementation, growth and service.  Our continued investment in our clients and growth enable us to provide unbiased solutions and results.  Understanding that success relies on our team working together to provide the best solutions to our clients has enabled Connected Healthcare Solutions to maintain continued and solid growth.

In addition, Connected Healthcare Solutions has created an external management advisory board consisting of accomplished professionals from industries including home health, manufacturing, medical devices and event hospitality.  Leveraging the experience each of these senior executives and company owners hold, allows Connected Healthcare to achieve long term growth through customer satisfaction.

Connected HealthCare Board of Directors

The Connected Healthcare Solutions board of directors is comprised of business leaders from cross functional industries, ensuring we continue to provide the best service and results for our clients.  As the healthcare industry and client needs continue to evolve, our board of proven leaders provide the business with unmatched perspective and guidance.

Brett Quas - CEO Connected Healthcare Solutions, LLC

Brad Caldwell - Vice President of Sales, ContinuLink, LLC

Fred Pramenko - Partner, VIP Sports Marketing, Inc.

Jennifer Nielsen, CPA - CFO, Connected Healthcare Solutions, LLC

Paul Spencer - Vice President of Network Management, United Healthcare of Wisconsin

Brett A. Quas

Mr. Quas is the CEO of Connected Healthcare Solutions, the leader in RPM training and consulting services for health care organizations and device manufacturers.  Brett brings over 11 years of experience with Honeywell HomMed, a leader in remote patient monitoring, where, as one of the first 10, employees he played a key role in the company's start-up development, growth and sale to Honeywell International Inc. in 2004.  Throughout his tenure with the company, Brett held multiple Vice President and Director level positions, assisted International expansion and led the development and market introduction of the 2008 MDEA award winning Genesis DM patient monitor.  Prior to his tenure at Honeywell HomMed, Brett held senior consulting positions at Ernst & Young, LLP as well as Juneau Partners, LLP, driving software development and management operation projects for clients throughout the United States.

Through his experience deploying, improving and servicing RPM systems at nearly 1,000 sites world wide, Brett brings unmatched expertise to Connected Healthcare clients.  Assisting with RPM selection, design and training, ensures our clients properly implement the right technology.  With the collaboration of the board of directors, Connected HealthCare Solutions is able to provide unrivaled solutions.

Brad Caldwell

Mr. Caldwell is the Vice President of Sales for ContinuLink Health Technologies, a leader in Web-based Home Care Software. Brad has nearly 15 years of experience in the medical device field with prior service as the Sales Manager for Honeywell HomMed health monitoring systems and Spacelabs Medical, a provider of hospital patient monitoring technology.  Brad brings extensive experience to Connected HealthCare Solutions working with home care agencies, nursing homes and senior living facilities.  

Mr. Caldwell is directly responsible for the significant growth of RPM technology throughout the east coast and Florida.  As a known asset in the patient monitoring industry, Brad's commitment to the Connected HealthCare board provides our customers with unparalleled experience and perspective.

Fred Pramenko

Mr. Pramenko is a Partner at VIP Sports Marketing, the industry leader in Corporate Entertainment, Sports Hospitality and Event Marketing.  Assisting with the creation of the company 12 years ago, Mr. Pramenko has helped VIP become recognized as one of the 5,000 fastest growing private companies

As an expert in customer satisfaction and service, Mr. Pramenko's commitment to Connected HealthCare Solutions ensures our customer's needs remain a priority.  Leveraging Fred's business expertise and ability to create "customer experiences", keeps Connected HealthCare Solutions in a class all it's own.

Jennifer  Nielsen, CPA

Mrs. Nielsen is the Chief Financial Officer with Connected Healthcare Solutions, the leader in RPM training and consulting services for health care organizations and device manufactures.  Jennifer has over 10 years experience in finance, with previous positions including senior manager at Kohls Corporation, and senior auditor with the tax accounting firm Grant Thornton, LLP.

Mrs. Nielsen's vast experience with businesses in virtually every industry provide Connected Healthcare Solutions and our customers exceptional insight and operating efficiencies.

Paul Spencer

Mr. Spencer is the Vice President of Network Management for UnitedHealthcare of Wisconsin, where he is responsible for creating and maintaining the provider network in the state. Paul has 18 years of experience in healthcare, on both the provider and payer side. Prior to joining UnitedHealthcare, Paul was Senior Director of Marketing Solutions for Solucient, now a division of Thomson Reuters, where he worked with various healthcare companies on implementing customer relationship management (CRM) solutions to capture and retain profitable customer segments.

Mr. Spencer's detailed knowledge of Commercial, Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement methodologies (hospital, physician and other allied health providers), in addition to claims processing and coding guidelines, makes him a trusted advisor to Connected HealthCare Solutions.

Remote Patient Monitoring 101 - Asking the right questions

When evaluating monitoring solutions for your company, asking the right questions is key. CHS resources can help with the right questions, and ensure you get accurate information. Always ask the manufacturers you're considering:

  • How does the patient device transmit the data?
The lower prices of cable provider's phone services as well as more people eliminating land lines all together, counting on the presence an analog phone line is no longer a sure thing.  Many manufacturers provide a cellular option, but did you know the US has two major cell technologies (CDMA and GSM) provided by differing providers (AT&T, Verizon, etc.)?  Make sure you ask which carrier they use and find out how good the coverage is in your service area before you make a commitment.  Also, cellular options usually carry an additional monthly charge - ensure you get all the facts.
  • Help me understand how your solution complies with HIPAA?
Just about all providers claim "HIPAA compliance", but be sure you probe further.  Ask how they comply and how the new HITECH ACT has affected their compliance.
  • What are the "hidden costs"?
Want an interface, reporting engine or additional system users?  Many times during the sales process extra fees like these get "forgotten".  Ask your representative to give you the complete costs with all available options up front, then you determine which options are best for you.
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