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Consulting Services

Connected Healthcare Training and Solutions

Connected Healthcare Solutions provides our clients with premier consulting services for all patient monitoring technology needs.  From equipment analysis and system integration to patient compliance tools, we provide unsurpassed service leveraging our unmatched expertise.


Insist on the most comprehensive Remote Patient Monitoring training offered today, available only from Connected Healthcare Solutions. Our clinical training staff has extensive experience implementing, growing and maintaining RPM programs world wide. Connected Healthcare Solutions is the most trusted source for RPM training and continues to strengthen that trust through unbiased analysis as well as maintaining our independence from device manufacturing


Taking your technology investment to the next level is our core competency.  Let us show you how we can help your organization.
RPM Training Utilize our comprehensive online and on-site training courses developed from the experience of implementing and supporting hundreds of successful RPM programs.  These courses are customizable to fit your specific needs and schedule.
RPM Advance Connected Healthcare Solutions analyzes your program, identifying and implementing solutions ranging from slight adjustments to complete program management.
Industry Expertise Becoming a Connected Healthcare Solutions client gives you access to unbiased industry expertise on RPM technology, EMR programs and industry trends.  Get an inside track on the issues that affect your business.
Consulting and Project Management Our consulting and project management services let you focus on your core business while we manage the complex tasks involved with RPM integration and upgrades.
Network and Support As a Connected Healthcare client, you have access to hundreds of industry contacts and colleagues for your needs, ranging from technology integration to business networking. Our competent, responsible technical staff is also available to support your RPM technology as you continue to experience reductions in support from your product vendors.
Device Manufacturing
Connected Healthcare designs and develops hospital grade SPO2 and Blood Pressure medical technology with clinically proven data capture algorithms, eclipsing anything offered in the market today.  From custom integrated circuit board design to stand alone products, CHS is changing the medical device industry.

ChipO2 - Superior SpO2 Technology

Integrated Pulse Oximetry

Proven Design

ChipO2 is designed and built on over 20 years of experience providing unmatched reliability on oximetry applications from finger sensors to beside monitors. 
Range 30 - 254 bpm (1 bpm increments)
Accuracy  +-2 bpm
Averaging 8 pulse beat average
Warranty 1 Year

Proven Quality

Chip failure is eliminated while ensuring regulatory compliance with a multi-pass verification and testing process at our ISO certified (ISO 13485, 9001) RoHS compliant manufacturing facility.